Cost of Investment of a Backyard Wind Turbine

Here we will look into the cost of investment of a backyard wind turbine. First, we’ll look at what you’ll pay for a professional to come and install a wind turbine into your backyard or what you would pay for one on Amazon.

Photo By Rob Cardillo

Professionally installed turbine

So the cost of investment of a backyard wind turbine professionally built in your backyard depends on what kind of wind turbine you want for your home. A quick google search shows that a 10 kW turbine can coat as much as $40,000 (£23,000) which is a huge investment. This type of turbine can produce up to 5,000 dollars/pounds depending on your cost of electricity. This means it would take at least 8 years just to pay off that initial investment*. This is usually a better idea for small businesses looking to take advantage of government incentives.

Online purchased turbine

Let’s look at the price of another option. So you can go less professional and use Amazon to buy all the parts you need to build your back yard wind turbine. One of the better wind turbines available on Amazon (shown below) will set you back about $3500. This will only get you the blades, a generator, a body and fin and charge controller. You’ll need to source a good tower, a couple of batteries and all the other electronics outline in our resource list page. Altogether you are likely to spend anywhere from 5000 to 9000 dollars going down this route to get it all set up and working. This turbine has only a third of the power of the professional one. Again we can calculate that it would create about 1300 dollars/pounds a year and take you 4-7 years to pay off.

We are an Amazon associate so buying a turbine using the below link would help us out but what we really want to do is show you all your options and let you know how long it would take to pay each of them off. By all means, go on ahead and buy the turbine below.

It’s a great product and can produce enough electricity to drastically reduce your electricity bill each year but check out the next section to see your third option.

Backyard Wind Turbine in operation

DIY Turbine

Lastly, let’s look at the cost of building your own backyard turbine. In our free to download eBook: 5 steps to a backyard wind turbine, we outline the total cost of building a backyard wind turbine from scratch. (We also show you how to build it so check that out if you haven’t already). The table below shows the parts, where you can source them and how much they cost.

So for less than $300 you can get your wind turbine up and running. Now you will have to put the turbine up on a tower which again you can source online. Or build your own as we outline in the eBook. Building a turbine like this means your power output will depend on the generator you buy so we’ll look at two options using the Renewable Energy Methods Savings Calculator to see what we can save.

Let’s assume you go with the above chart buy a 100 Watt generator for around $20. Using the calculator we find out that this turbine will create $65 of electricity a year. With your investment of just $280, it’ll take you 4 years to pay off. Now, what about going for a better motor? You can get a good 500 Watt generator on Amazon for about $250, effectively doubling your investment. With this generator, the calculators find you can produce $240 per year. So an investment of $530 would take just over 2 years to pay off.

So this suggests for a backyard wind turbine it’s worth investing in the bigger generator. But even the smaller investment can save you a lot of money in the long term.

*Assuming the cost of electricity is 0.20 dollars/pounds