How to Build a Wind Turbine Tail Fin

Let’s look at how to build a wind turbine tail fin. The tail fin will be the last part of your wind turbine body. If you missed our post on how to build a wind turbine you can read about it here. In this post, we will show you how to create the perfect tail fin for your back yard wind turbine. From a simple design to a more complex aerodynamically efficient one you’ll learn how to make both here.

What a Tail Fin Does

First, though let’s look at what a tail fin actually does for your wind turbine. We want to have our wind turbine in operation as often as possible. This means that any time the wind is blowing we want it to be creating clean electricity. To do this efficiently we want the blades to be facing into the winds at all times. Without out getting too technical, wind changes direction because of air warming during the day and rising upwards causing differences in air pressure. Basically, the wind direction can change a lot during the day so your wind turbine needs to be able to pivot quickly in any direction to be operating efficiently.

Wind Turbine With Tail Fin

Tail Fin Design

So let’s look at a basic design to help you build a wind turbine tail fin. All you need for a basic fin design is a rectangle plank of wood or sheet of metal and an L-Bracket. The figure below shows how this can be constructed simply with a few screws or bolts. It’s not the prettiest design but it will surprise you how well it can move the wind turbine when the wind changes direction. If you’ve already added the bolt and pivot center (the design is shown here) to the body you can test it out by simply putting the bolt into a metal rod about a meter long and putting it into the ground. This can also be a help to get the balance of your counterweight just right.

Simple fin design

Now let’s look at a more advanced design. This can be a lightweight and more aerodynamic design depending on the material you use and how well you are able to machine it. You can also 3D print this design if you have access to a 3D printer. You can buy and download the drawing file here.

The image below shows the design of the more advanced design for your wind turbine fin. To download a PDF of the design click the button below. You can also get a version of the pdf with dimensions here.

Download the PDF version of the drawing here:

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