The Only eBook Guide That Shows You How to Build a Backyard Wind Turbine in 5 Easy Steps!

Ever wanted to install your own residential wind turbine in your back garden that creates your own free clean electricity? Well, now you can with our eBook 5 Steps to Building a Backyard Wind Turbine

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You may have thought about creating your own off-grid energy-producing system before but had no idea where to start. Well, we’re here to help. Our downloadable eBooks will outline how you can build your own clean energy-producing system.

Backyard Wind Turbine eBook Complete Version

This complete version of 5 Steps to Building a Backyard Wind Turbine breaks the project down into the following simple subsystems:

  • How to build and assemble the blades
  • The generator
  • The hub and body
  • The charge controller
  • The battery pack system

This eBook shows you how to either build your own components and how to source them online or in your local hardware store. This report will help you get all 5 of the major systems up and running and then assemble them together into a working, free clean energy-producing, money saving wind turbine.

Backyard Wind Turbine eBook Deluxe Version

The deluxe version of 5 Steps to Building a Backyard Wind Turbine gives the reader more in-depth information and more details about wind turbines and how they work. It also includes some extra tips and information to ensure your wind turbine is working more efficiently and shows you how to cut your investment costs on the project. As well as all the information in the complete version the deluxe version also offers:

  • Cost of Investment
  • The power and energy savings calculator
  • How to Build a Wind Turbine Tail Fin
  • Build a wind turbine mounting pole
  • How to Secure a Backyard Wind Turbine
  • Home Wind Turbines and The Grid
  • Wiring and connecting the system

After reading this book we guarantee you will have all the information you need to construct and assemble your very own backyard wind turbine. We are confident you’ll love this ebook so we offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the information provided. So what are you waiting for?

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Start With This Free Resource List

5 Resources to Get You Started Building Your Wind Turbine

Welcome to this 5 step resource guide to getting started creating your very own backyard wind turbine. We’ve created this resources list to simplify the learning process for creating a wind turbine and get you started.

Before we get started, here is a breakdown of the 5 resources for the official backyard wind turbine for beginners guide.

  1. Wind turbine sizing guide – find out what size turbine suits your need
  2. Indestructible guides – find out how others have done it
  3. Amazon – find out the best of the parts you’ll have to buy
  4. Freebies – some tips about the parts you can make for free
  5. eBook – Download 5 Steps to Building a Backyard Wind Turbine free

So why not get started now, click the button below to download the full PDF version of the list with all the information and links you can follow