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5 Resources to Get You Started Building Your Wind Turbine

Welcome to this 5 step resource guide to getting started creating your very own backyard wind turbine. We’ve created this resources list to simplify the learning process for creating a wind turbine and get you started.

Before we get started, here is a breakdown of the 5 resources for the official backyard wind turbine for beginners guide.

  1. Wind turbine sizing guide – find out what size turbine suits your need
  2. Indestructible guides – find out how others have done it
  3. Amazon – find out the best of the parts you’ll have to buy
  4. Freebies – some tips about the parts you can make for free
  5. eBook – Download 5 Steps to Building a Backyard Wind Turbine free

So why not get started now, click the button below to download the full PDF version of the with all the information and links you can follow